Thank you for your interest in our showjumping internship/clinic.

As you know Belgium is the horse capital of Europe. So join us for a great week in horse paradise.

You can come whenever you want, it’s an open class. We just need to know when. You stay in Belgium during one week or more. During this week you get to know the showjumping lifestyle and riding classes at Hidalgo’s stables. Discover some of the best breed and well trained horses supported by a great coach, Thomas Genin. You will learn a lot about balance and showjumping exercises. You practice at the stable and then participate at a show. You will also explore other horse activities.

What will you learn:

– Basic groundwork training

– Jumping exercises to develop your horse

– Grid work

– How to warm-up before a show

– How to do a course

– Analyzing the course afterwards

– How to improve your position on the horse

– How to develop a young horse

– Tips & tricks to take home

– And so much more!

Are you interested?


Please contact us for available dates:

Carole Baron:

Vibe Florussen:


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